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What are Vaja icons?

Wallet, Folio, Top, Grip and Nouva Pelle are the Vaja icons. These five styles of phone case have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern world.

Who makes Vaja cases?

Our six artisans Cristian, Mariana, Garbiela, Juan, Caro and Charly hand finish every single Vaja case created. They have dedicated a great part of their lives to leatherwork and are true experts.

Will you be making a case for the new iPhone?

Yes. Whenever Apple releases a new phone or electronics, we are always ready to dress it. It typically takes us 4 weeks to create a case after a new product has launched.

Do you have a rewards scheme?

Yes, it’s called Club V. This is our invite-only members club where selected customers can earn rewards for their purchases and unlock exclusive products and offers. To be considered for the club please sign up here

Can I upgrade or recycle my Vaja case?

We are working on it. Currently we use recycled materials in some of our cases but we know the importance of having a more circular business model and we want to take Vaja one step further.

Who can I speak to about PR opportunities?

Please contact [email protected]

Which brand of phone case is better than Vaja?

Trick question. We are tech’s best kept secret. You won’t find better out there.