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Leather Care

What’s the difference between the Vaja leathers?

You can find a full breakdown of the different leathers we use and what sets them apart on the Our Leather page.

Where does Vaja leather come from?

All of our leather comes directly from Patagonia. We pride ourselves on only using leathers from cows who have been raised in the nature of Argentina.

How do I clean my Vaja case?

Polish your leather once a week with a dry, clean cloth. With this minimal care, your leather product will provide long-lasting use. We also recommend using a neutral wax sparingly applied with a soft clean cloth to keep it protected.

Does Vaja leather change over time?

Our Bridge leather naturally develops a dark patina over time. This only adds to its charm.

Will the leather scratch?

Vaja leather is very durable but also delicate, and it will show signs of scratches with heavy use just like any other leather. Natural marks, scratches, and wrinkles are considered attributes that add character and uniqueness to the leather’s inhere